Tsunami Rehabilitation is our entity based in the UK and is a registered charity with the UK Charity Commission.

UK charity registration number: 1110238.
UK company registration number: 5399512.

Sivan Arul Illam is our entity based in Sri Lanka that conducts operations on the ground.

Dr Jayandran Namasivayam (chairman and co-founder):

Dr. Jaya is a consultant radiologist living and working in London, UK. He has always had a strong interest in charitable projects in Sri Lanka and prior to this venture he was heavily involved setting up another Sri Lankan charity, called CANE, which was dedicated to improving the quality of life for terminally ill cancer patients. Jaya visited Sri Lanka soon after the Tsunami to offer his medical services; it was his experiences during this visit that inspired him to do more.

Mrs. Munjula Namasivayam (co-founder):

Munjula was a school teacher living in the UK. She has extensive experience in fund raising, event management and working with children. She is a mother of three and also runs a Sri Lankan youth group in the UK.

Dr Jayasingham Jayamohan (co-ordinator for Australia and fundraiser):

Dr Jayamohan is a consultant Radiotherapy/ Oncologist, living in Sydney, Australia. He is a man of many talents, producing dramas, to playing flute and raising funds for various charities. He is the key person in raising regular funds in Australia, New Zealand & other parts of the world, for this charity.

Mr Suren Sornalingam (project manager):

Suren is a Supply Chain professional living in the UK. Suren was visiting Sri Lanka when the Tsunami struck. His lucky escape motivated him to join a leading aid agency from where he helped deliver over 2,000 tons of aid to refugee camps along the island’s north and east coast.