We provide care, shelter and education for up to 200 destitute children in our children’s home situated in Thiruketheeswaram temple grounds, Mannar.

Many of these children are orphans or come from a background of such extreme poverty that their families feel they will have a better start in life being cared for by the children’s home. The children attend a nearby school and there is a strong focus on education at the home. We provide separate tuition classes for children of all ages.

We have a separate home for boys and girls. Our children range from the ages of 2 months to 18 years.


Darshan’s story

Darshan, at our Children's Home


Darshan, at two months of age, was our youngest arrival at the children’s home. Whilst his mother was pregnant with Darshan she witnessed her husband and her other children burn to death in an explosion during the war. She developed severe psychological issues and was admitted to hospital.

When she gave birth to Darshan she was still suffering from trauma and was unable to accept him as her child. The courts took custody of the baby and arranged for Darshan to be cared for at Sivan Arul Illam children’s home. When Darshan joined our home he was underweight and suffering from diarrhoea.

Since then at four years old he is a happy, energetic and intelligent young boy. He can recite his times table and enjoys nursery rhymes.

Allay and his five friends’ story

Allay and friends from our children's home

Allay and his friends

Following the 2004 Tsunami, a baby, was discovered with his head sticking out of the sand by a passer-by. The baby had been orphaned by the Tsunami and he was named ‘Allay’, meaning ‘waves’ in Tamil. His finders handed him over to a children’s home in Killinochi where he befriended five other young orphaned boys of his age (pictured; Allay is pictured third from the left).

During the 2009 civil war the boys were displaced from their children’s home and fled for their lives, along with the other children and staff. Upon the end of the civil war they resided in the internally displaced persons (IDPs) camps. From there Allay and his friends along with other children from the Killinochi children’s home (70 boys in total) and their carers were admitted to Sivan Arul Illam children’s home. They have since settled in and are doing well.


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