As part of longer-term rehabilitation to internally displaced persons (IDPs) we have built factories which provide employment for the vulnerable. Inspired by microfinance techniques we have provided loans to many disabled individuals to set up their own businesses. All profits made go back to the beneficiaries or communities.

Killinochi factoryKillinochi factory: we have built factories to create livelihoods for widows and other women to sustain them and their children. Our factories include facilities for extracting oil from copra, making rice flour and making spices including a chilli grinding mill. These factories currently employ about 50 women and we are in the process of building a nursery to provide care for the workers’ children. Any profit made will go back into the communities.



Mullaitivu bakery and cafeMullaitivu bakery and cafe: we provided loans to a group of around 25 beneficiaries, mostly disabled, to set up a bakery and cafeteria business. We provided training and help to get the business up and running. All profits generated will be shared solely between the beneficiaries.

Asokamalar and the bakeryAsokamalar’s story

Asokamalar (right) was disabled and lost her arm as a result of shelling during the war. Her father went missing during the aftermath of the war.

Struggling to find employment due to her disability she underwent training at our bakery. She now works as a cashier and also helps out with the general functioning of the bakery.

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