Working in partnership with The Meththa Foundation, we have provided artificial limbs to around 650 individuals who have lost their limbs typically as result of the civil war and accidents resulting from stepping on land-mines.

We have a limb-fitting surgery based in Mannar Hospital, and is serviced by doctors from the UK working alongside locally trained technicians.

We believe providing the ability to walk again is the first step towards re-building someone’s life.

Lithusunga's storyLithusunga’s story

At five years old Lithusunga (right) lost her left leg as a result of the war. Our limb fitting unit at Mannar hospital fitted her with a prosthetic leg and periodically review and replace her leg as she grows.

She is an ambitious and energetic girl and often gets frustrated that she cannot ride a bicycle like other kids. Her prosthetic leg does however allow her to be able to move around and be able to play with her younger brother.

We have also provided livelihood assistance for the family, providing equipments so that they can restart their pre-war crop cultivation livelihood activities.

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