Most of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) from the war have now returned to their original homeland but the destruction of the war has meant that they have nothing to return to. Their shelter and livelihood has in most cases been destroyed.

Sivan Arul Illam is helping these IDPs to re-build their lives again.

Longterm aid for IDP - photo1Monthly sponsorship

We provide monthly sponsorship to the most needy, including widows with young children and families with disabled family members, to help them meet their most immediate needs.




Longterm aid for IDP - photo2Livelihood assistance

We provide livelihood assistance for families to become self-sufficient in the long-term. We have helped IDPs to set up small grocery shop businesses, small tailoring businesses, and start farming and cultivation.




Longterm aid for IDP - photo3Livelihood assistance

With the help of Gnanam Foundation, we have helped numerous IDPs without limbs to start auto-rickshaw taxi business. The pedals and functionality of the autos were ingeniously modified to allow those with missing limbs in their legs to be able to drive them.




Longterm aid for IDP - photo 5Tube wells

We have installed over 50 tube-wells in Vanni providing easy access to clean water for villagers without the need to walk for miles.





Arulnayaki’s story

Longterm aid for IDP - Arun Nayagi2Arulnayaki (pictured right) lost her husband and parents during the war and was widowed with three young children at the age of 26 years. She felt alone and hopeless. She was saddened by the fact that she couldn’t even afford to buy her children fruits or sweets that they asked for, nor did she have enough money to purchase incense sticks to light for her deceased husband.

She received her first monthly instalment from Sivan Arul Illam which coincidentally happened to be on the same day as her husband’s first death anniversary. She immediately treated her children and lit incense sticks for her husband.

She felt that would be sign of a turning point in her life, and so it has turned out.

Sivan Arul Illam has enabled Arulnayaki to start a small grocery shop for her as part of the charity’s livelihood projects. She is a highly motivated individual and dedicated mother. She pushes her children to do well at school and they often share their school reports with Sivan Arul lllam proudly showing how well they are doing since their life took a new positive turn.

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