Working in partnership with the World Health Organisation we provided funding to open a physiotherapy unit at Mannar hospital in 2009. The physiotherapy unit is aimed at rehabilitating those that have been injured by the war or have other disabling accidents.

The unit has been in demand since its opening and at its peak, shortly after the end of the civil war, served about 50 individuals per day.

Madhialagan’s storyMadhialagan's Story

Madhialagan’s house was shelled during the war and he was badly injured along with his family. His father and grandfather died, his grandmother lost her left arm. His brother, sister and mother luckily escaped unscathed, although the mother lost her unborn baby as a result. Madhialagan (right) was hit by a shell in his spine and was paralysed from waist downwards. He also subsequently suffered a large wound on his thigh as a result of a bed sore having been hospitalised for many months.

Sivan Arul Illam helped the family in several different ways to help them to improve their life. Madhialagan received medical and rehabilitation aid and received close attention to ensure that his wound healed.

The family were given shelter at the elders’ home so that they could live as a family with their grandmother, whilst the mother was offered work with Sivan Arul Illam where she was able to earn a wage. Having been under our care Madhialagan can now read and write even though his mother is illiterate. His brother and sister attend a school nearby.

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