Message from the founders Dr. Jayandran Namasivayam and Mrs. Munjula Namasivayam:

“We were in Sri Lanka shortly after the 2004 Tsunami where we witnessed its destruction with our own eyes. We were heartbroken to see the extent of the devastation that it caused to the people impacted.

Our Story: Tsunami photoWe met mothers and fathers who felt that their lives had come to a standstill having lost their children; young children who felt abandoned having lost their families; and others who had lost everything they owned from their house to their livelihood.

We stayed for a few weeks to help as much we could but having witnessed such untold tragedies we felt that we couldn’t turn our backs on this community upon our return back to the UK. Our strong feeling was that the community needed long-term help to recover from this natural disaster.

We felt compelled to help in a manner where we could have the utmost confidence that every penny we raised would go towards helping the needy. This set in motion the setup of Tsunami Rehabilitation, a UK registered charity, for fund raising. At the same time we also set up Sivan Arul Illam in Sri Lanka to conduct and implement the projects on the ground with the money that we were able to raise.

Little did we know at the point of setting up this charity that many of the same communities were going to face further disasters in the years to come; this time due to intense civil war. When this second tragedy hit these communities our organisation had already established a base in Sri Lanka which enabled us to react quickly to provide emergency services in the aftermath of the civil war and to provide long-term aid to help communities re-build their lives again. We would like to stress that we are a non-political organisation and are solely interested in conducting non-profit, and non-political, charitable activities only.”

Video: Our story so far (as at 2011)

Video: How it all started (as at 2007)